Let's Play An Untitled Story Part 108:18

Let's Play An Untitled Story Part 1

Summary Edit

An Untitled Story is a metroidvania freeware video game released on August 26, 2006[1] by Matt Thorson. The story revolves around an egg that has fallen from his nest, and begins to explore the world around him.

Accessibility Edit


Average level of Accessibility.


Keys are not remappable, but there are four different control configurations to choose from.


Keyboard only.


Fullscreen, or adjustable windowed.


There is no need to play with sound, so it is Deaf-friendly.


There's no need to distinguish colors.


Gamepad can be used.


The font is non serifed (close to Arial) but quite big and texts are all caps. The font coloring mostly shows good contrast.

Controls Edit

Movement Left and Right Arrow Keys
Jump Up Arrow or Z or Space
Shoot Z or X or Space
Action X or C or Z

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