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WTF Is... - Bastion ?

Controls Edit

Has several modes of control you can choose from in the options (left side of the menu that shows the keys that are used to control Bastion).

Customizable controls.

Default PC control scheme, reminiscent of shooter controls.

wasd to move

mouse to aim and shoot

Click to move.

The game will not become mouse-only because there are several keys needed throughout the game. Both mouse buttons required.

Additional Info Edit

Sometimes contrast is low.

Has instructions menu that can be reached by pressing ESC.

Saves automatically at certain points in the game.

Subtitled but only speech.

Gamepad controls, fully customizable on PC only.

Enable viacam headmouse clicks are recognized correctly.

OSK does work in windowed mode.

There are some rather fast paced battles in the game.

Can be played windowed but the window seems to be stuck in the upper left corner and the mouse moves relative when not in the window.

Here are some official informations:

Demo available at Steam.

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