Cities Skylines - Launch Trailer HD 1080P 60FPS01:21

Cities Skylines - Launch Trailer HD 1080P 60FPS

Sim City like game.

Requires Windows 64 Bit!

Completely mousable.

Windowed or fullscreen.

Any camera controls can be done by mouse or Keyboard.

OSK works.

Windows Magnifier works.

Enable Viacam headmouse clicking and movements work.

Very small fonts.

Colorblind unfriendly (might change some day).

Controls Edit

q = rotate camera left

e = rotate camera right

z = zoom in

x = zoom out

pos1 = yaw camera up

end =yaw camera down

w a s d = camera panning

space = pause world (you can still build and manage)

1 = normal world speed

2 = double world speed

3 = quadruple world speed

and more.

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