Deadlight Gameplay Trailer HD

Deadlight Gameplay Trailer HD

Overview Edit

Mouse accelleration

Fully customizable controls

Windowed or fullscreen

VAC speech recognition works

Enable Viacam headmouse movement works

Controls Edit

WASD to move up, down, left, right

RMB to aim

LMB to shoot, beat up, hack. Hold for final blow.

WHEEL to select weapon

SPACE to jump (jump greater distances when sprinting).


Move against a wall by jumping at it. Ass soon as you hit the wall change movement direction and jump again.

L-CTRL to crouch (rolling after a leap from great height).

Crouch+jump for rolling in the direction Randall looks.

E to use/examine (hold to push or pull crates).

F to taunt/whistle (lure enemies, ask Rat for assistance).

L-SHIFT to sprint

1 to select slingshot

2 to select revolver

3 to select shotgun

R to reload

TAB for Status

ESC for menu

Design Edit

Subtitles are good readable (Audio cassettes, radio messages and the likes are not subtitled).

Health bar in pale red

Stamina in pale blue

"Out of ammo" alert in red