Casual high-speed dexterity platformer.

Fullscreen of windowed.

Mouse only or controller. LMB Click-Dragging only. Game menus controlled by LMB clicking.

Game controls are super simple. Just click the LMB and drag into the direction you want the player gizmo to jump. The quicker the better. You have to decide within a five second window. It does not matter where on the game screen you click and you don't have to drag the mouse for more than a few pixels. The gizmo shows the direction of the jump by means of a short line.

The game features a lot of different levels which are collected in groups of five rooms. You can reach the next level as soon as you solve the five rooms successfully. So if you fail in room five of the group, you have to redo the complete group of five rooms.

Colorblindness should not pose a problem.

There are no audio cues that are a crucial part of the game mechanics.

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