PC King's Bounty The Legend Gameplay01:15

PC King's Bounty The Legend Gameplay

Controls Edit

Enable Viacam headmouse clicks work in fullscreen only.

Enable Viacam Clickwindow and Windows OSK not visible in fullscreen.

LMB and RMB needed (The latter only for the activation of items. This may become an issue for users of Enable Viacam when the game gets tougher).

Mousewheel is crucial to some sidequests.

Anything can be controlled by mouse only.

Anything can be controlled by keyboard only.

Design Edit

Fullscreen. Can be forced into window by this method. Enable Viacam headmouse clicking doesn't worK when using that workaround.

Does work witH higher DPI settings.

Game has lots of text.

Fonts are rather small.

Enemies in red, friends in green.

Sound is not needed to play.

Can save at any time. No need to assign a name for the savegame.

Exiting the game can be done without pressing ESC.

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