Tower defense.

Rectagle green

High level of Accessibility.


The game can be played with mouse only.


The game can be played with headmouse only.
Enable Viacam (links to another accessibility Wikia) Headmouse works if configured to a clicking speed of 10 ms.


Eyetracker has not yet been reported to work.


Full screen or windowed.


Sound is not overly important. The game has very nice music.


Coins in white, bronce and gold, blue diamonds, yellow suns must be collected.


Fonts are good to read except for the Lexicon which contains a closer description of the weapons and plants as well as the many different types of Zombies. The Lexicon does not play an important role. It's rather a gimmick.


With the headmouse Enable Viacam sometimes it is extremely hard to click as quickly as the game requires you to do. Even with an clicking interval of 2 ms (the time between not moving the mouse and a click) didn't increase my chances to beat level 2-8 as described below.

I have not been able to finish Level 2-8 because it simply was too hard. It is just a matter of training but after the sixth time in became rather frustrating. There are huge amounts of Zombies and you have to click each one of 'em, half of the Zombies need to be clicked two and three times to make 'em vanish. After a while their movement speed increases as well.

But fear not! If you set the click options of Enable Viacam to "allow subsequent clicks" and then set the click interval to two or three it should not be too difficult to solve level 2-8. The game won't get any harder.