Action-RPG similar to Diablo or Torchlight.
(Only offline. Local coop.)

Mouse Edit

Mouse with click to move.

LMB/RMB/1/2 Use Skills

Mouse Wheel Possession

LMB Move / Attack

Shift + LMB Force Attack

Keys Edit

I Inventory

S Skills

Q Quests

C Show Compass

Esc Pause Menu

3/4 Use Potions

Tab Switch Skill sets

Spacebar Skip Text

XBox360 controller enabled.

Design Edit

Mana and Energy in red and blue.

Experience in bright yellow.

When behind wall, etc. the player figure color switches to purple.

Object names in the inventory are purple, too.

Further Info Edit

Subtitled with an easy to read font-face on black background but not close captioned.

Checkpoint autosave.

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