Mouse-only. Captures the mouse pointer. LMB and RMB needed. Click-Dragging is necessary for fighting and in order to utilize spells. Both require the player to move the mouse rather accurately.

In some occasions timing is of the essence, such as grids of trap-doors or automated turrets.

Permadeath can be switched on at the start of the game. It is off by default.

Fullscreen or windowed modes as well as resolution can be chosen before the game starts.

In order to save the game the ESC-key has to be pushed. The Windows On-Screen-Keyboard can be used in windowed mode if it is placed in a way that the ESC-key is overlapping the game window.

Item colors may pose an issue for the colorblind because health and stamina potions are colored in red and blue. Hidden levers, buttons and knobs are clearly visible meaning there are no super tiny graphical objects. Switches on the floor can be challenging to make out, specially when there is a crossbarred gate infront of it. Small stones can be missed easily, too.

The keep

The OSK overlapping the game screen so the ESC-key can be reached.

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