This War Of Mine Review14:40

This War Of Mine Review

Fullscreen or Windowed. You can resize the window and even maximize it which does not make the game switch into Fullscreen mode.

All actions are triggered through symbols that are very readable.

Can be played with only the mouse. Mouse won't be captured.

Gamepad works as well. Gamepad controls can't be customized.

LMB click to walk/use.
RMB Click to run.

Enable Viacam Headmouse works (It didn't work at the very first start of the game. Not even the hardware mouse did. After the second start it worked). Clickbar of Enable Viacam Headmouse will be accessible in windowed mode.
First start of the game is in Fullscreen mode.

All text is in written form. There are almost no gameplay elements that depend on the ability to hear. Being able to hear will improve your gameplay when it comes to the search for a station on the radio. It can be done without hearing but it requires a bit of patience. All relevant messages will be written down on screen.

Most of the time graphics are not saturated in in color. It's rather black and white. If there are sounds of rats or other person that you can't see these are represented by a big red blinking dot.

Exiting the game can be done anytime by clicking the respective icon on the upper right corner of the screen. No keyboard entries will be necessary.

Game has auto-save. I believe that it saves at each new day.

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